What kind of work do you do?
We represent clients in forming, operating, and selling businesses, estate planning (wills and trusts), real estate, and transactions of all kinds.

Are there things you do not do?
Not bankruptcy, securities, or workers compensation, for sure. If a particular matter is not in our wheelhouse, we will try to get you to another resource.

How big does a business have to be to become a client?
Size is not an issue. Our clients range from those with one owner and zero employees to those with 200 owners and hundreds of employees.

Do you accept individuals as clients?
Yes. We represent individuals and businesses. Doubtless we also would represent a collective, if we ever ran into one.

Where is your office?
HQ is at 2270 NW Aviation Dr. Ste. 4, Roseburg, Oregon. However, through the magic of modern electronic communications and automotive transport, we are able to serve clients throughout the Pacific Northwest.

How much do you charge?
It depends. If you like, we can send our Terms of Engagement that spell out the variables. It is also in an FAQ format, but it is a bit more serious than this one.

Should I have a will or a trust?
Yes. We can discuss which is the best choice for you when you come in.

When should I hire an attorney?
Immediately. But seriously, folks … there is not a bright line. Often the key legal issue is not the language someone uses in a will or a contract, but the language that is left out.

What is with the sword logo?
Derek liked it. Go figure.

How many attorneys do you have?
Why? Do you need a punch line for a light bulb joke?

Why don’t sharks eat lawyers?
Professional courtesy.

Do I need an appointment?
It really, really helps. Setting an appointment reserves a particular time when your attorney can be completely engaged.